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The International S series is a range of trucks that was manufactured by International Harvester later Navistar International from to The IHC S series was produced in a number of variants for a wide variety of applications, including straight trucks, semitractors, vocational trucks, and severe-service trucks. Additionally, the S series was produced in other body configurations, including a four-door crew cab, cutaway cabcowled chassis, and a stripped chassis primarily for school buses.

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The chassis was produced with both gasoline and diesel powertrains the latter exclusively aftersingle or tandem rear axles, and two, four, or, six-wheel drive layouts. The last complete product line designed within the existence of International Harvester, the S series was produced in its original form through To reflect the change to Navistar, a major facelift updated the exterior and interior of many models, which were produced through As a replacement for the S series, Navistar introduced the series and series known as the International DuraStar and International WorkStar since The S-series nameplate made its debut for International Harvester inserving as the replacement of the light and medium-duty R-series range; an S-series Travelall was among the first utility vehicles offered with four-wheel drive.

The R-series continued as the basis of International heavy trucks discontinued in Inthe S-series was replaced by the A series. The 21 models of the full lineup had a high degree of parts interghangability, this standardisation helped lower the number of parts used by thirty percent.

Following the discontinuation of the IHC pickup-truck line inthe S series was designed with a model-specific cab, replacing the pickup-truck cab used for the Loadstar designed for the A series. More vertically-oriented than its predecessor, the design was much wider as well. To lower maintenance costs, all windows in the cab were designed with flat glass, including the windshield. Similar in style to the tilting hood introduced for the Loadstar inall S-series trucks were given a tilting fiberglass hood.

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The S series would be produced throughout the s largely unmodified. To reflect the corporate change of the company from International Harvester to Navistar International, S-series trucks saw changes in their badging alongside all International vehicles. On the grille, the word "International" across the top of the grille was replaced by a red Navistar "diamond" logo alongside "International" in red at the bottom left of the grille.

Inside, the IHC "tractor" logo on the steering wheel was replaced by a Navistar diamond logo. In a major shift, forInternational became the first truck manufacturer to produce a medium-duty product line powered exclusively by diesel engines. Originally intended to use the International Tristar nameplate, the S series consolidated the aging Loadstar and Fleetstar trucks under a single product line.

Tandem-axle 6x4 versions of the S series were named F-series trucks. The S, S, S, and S were introduced in The S and Swere produced as both semitractors and straight trucks, while the S and S were used in the production of International Harvester bus chassis primarily for school bus use.

Introduced in as the replacement for the Fleetstar, the S and S were joined by the severe-service S and S, slotted below the International Paystar Configured primarily as tractors, the S was fitted with a sloped hood.

To accommodate larger-bore diesel engines under a standard-length hood, the S was fitted with a widened cab distinguished by a two-piece windshield. Inthe S was introduced; the model line was essentially an S with International diesel engines replaced with Cummins-sourced powertrains.

During production, the S-series line underwent a major upgrade. Although the cab itself was retained, interiors saw complete redesigns, with all-new dashboards and interior controls; a two-spoke steering wheel replaced the previous three-spoke design in use. In the interest of aerodynamics, many models saw redesigned hoodlines, with halogen headlamps and wraparound turn signals.

During its production life, the second-generation vehicles saw few major changes, with the exterior remaining nearly unchanged throughout its entire production. In contrast, the interior would see several updates. Inthe instrument panel was redesigned, with the rest of the interior redesigned in All items sell regardless of price, inventory added daily. Purple Wave is the easiest, most straightforward way to buy and sell used equipment.

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international 1654 specs

A separate list of other shipping vendors is available by contacting auction purplewave. Find Similar.This truck has Delivery Available. Allison Automatic! All new virgin tires! Built in steel with an aluminium superstructure, she offers a generous interior c Select Country USA Canada 4. Australia 1. Austria 1. Italy 1.

Mexico 1.

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Poland 1. Select Category Drilling Rigs 9. Cab Chassis trucks 7. Tanker trucks 3. Cranes 2. Garbage trucks 2. Tow trucks 2. Air Compressors 1. Bucket boom trucks 1.

Buses 1. Conventional trucks 1. Dump trucks 1. Fertilizer Spreaders 1. Fish Processing 1. Flatbed trucks 1.Skip to main content. Feedback and Support: click to comment or ask a question Visit our other Wisconsin Historical Society websites! Log in Help. Advanced Search. Find results with: error div. Add another field. Search by date Search by date: from after before on from: to to:. Add or remove collections.

Reference URL. International Truck Specifications -- S Line -- Extra Large. Full Resolution. All PDF. This page. Image Text search this item. Text Search There is no text for this item. S S 4x4 S, S, SF Your comment:. Your Name:. Back to top. Select the collections to add or remove from your search. Select All Collections. A American Journeys.

Central Wisconsin Digitization Project. Eugene Walter Leach Collection. Freedom Summer Digital Collection. GI Press Collection, Henry and Elizabeth Baird Collection. Increase A. Lapham Papers, International Harvester Film Collection.There are lots of information on the internet and in service manuals about the IDI torque specs. When I rebuilt my engine inI thought of a more graphical way of representing the torque, bolt sizes, and bolt threads.

This is good information if you lost a bolt, mixed up some, were looking for a replacement, or wanted to know some of the details about a part of the engine without scouring an esoteric service manual or grainy picture on the web. Table of Contents: click to jump to the section below 1. Standard Torque Chart 2.

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Thread Preparation 3. Miscellaneous Torques: Oil Pump Bolt Information: This applies for general steel bolts and nuts, but many other metals and grades of steel require a higher or lower torque spec.

To determine the thread size, use this kind of tool. The Standard Torque Chart is:. Do not use a short cut like a tap-and-die set.

It could damage the block. Also, for major fasteners like crank main bolts and head studs, use ARP fastener lube to ensure precise torque measurement. The 6. The 7. Note, I have torqued my 7. Read the links for more information.

The following image explains all the oil-pan, oil-pump, crankshaft main, and rod cap bolt dimensions and torques.

For the most part, the image below works for 7. Various Driver Side Torque Specs:. A, Bronco, Econoline, F, Superduty. No warranty. You are responsible for your vehicle.

For novelty use only. Not responsible for anything or anyone. Not responsible for damage to your vehicle, you, or anyone or anything. Disclaimer: You are responsible for your vehicle. Any thing posted on this or related websites is for educational use only.Refine your search. S 13 11 S 6 4 4 4 4 3 F 3 Paystar 3. Google Ads. Refine search. Dt engine, twin screw diesel, 10 speed.

international 1654 specs

Salem, WI 3 years mylittlesalesman. Engine was being installed but was unfinished. Engine is supsed to be in good running condition. For complete listing information please select the click to bid button to see this item on ebay.

Excellent running condition,all new tires, dot passed. Serviced regularly and well maitained. This is a roll back hydraulic bed, works well and has a cable hydraulic hoist. Truck has air brakes and a 2 speed rear. Diesel turbo runs great.

DIY Repair for the 6.9 and 7.3 IDI Diesel Van (and other vehicles)

Daily driver now off the road for sale. Has stereo and very descent interior. Priced for quick sale. Sherwood, OR 3 years mylittlesalesman. Overhaul Nice older automatic tandem, fresh overhauled engine, Allison automatic, 18' grain body, 60" sides, cargo doors, good rubber, good brakes, new paint.

Stake body, spring type suspension, international 9. Sanford, FL 3 years mylittlesalesman. Similar trucks: International Paystar In Oregon. US, Oregon Oregon 3 years at nexttruckonline. Spanish Fork, UT 3 years mylittlesalesman. Chandler Stainless Spreader Body, 12', 16" bed chain, press wheel driven bed chain, hydraulic spinners, new dishes and blades, International truck, 5 2 trans. Auction Item - International Beverage Truck. To see full details for this item please go to www.

Com and enter in the qal quick asset lookup box located on the home page. Starts with a boost.

international 1654 specs

Manual 5 speed transmission. Coca cola delivery truck bed. Candler, NC 3 years ironplanet. Cummins engine, eaton fuller 9 speed manual transmission, " wheel base, 10, lb.

Front axle, 20, lb. The engine could not be started, no batteries. The main components could not be operationally checked. Mansfield, OH 3 years mylittlesalesman. Call joe lupfer to see this truck at poseyville indiana Service truck with crane.

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International ,this is a solid survivor cab over in good working condition,it has a mechanical cummings three stage jacobsen brake,9 speed transmission, brand new air slide fontaine fifth wheel, brand new napa batteries, brakes are 60 percent plus,fuel tanks are each, interior is in real fair condition for being original 7?Development of the 6. And neither Ford nor International knew at the time that this engine would eventually lay the foundation for one of the most successful diesels ever offered.

The 6. It was available with a 4 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission, though a 5 speed variant was offered during its last production year. At horsepower, the 6.

And by nature of being a diesel, its fuel economy capabilities far exceeded that of all Ford's gassers with comparable torque output. Completely mechanical, the 6. Despite having a fraction of the performance potential of modern diesels, the 6. Indirect injection IDImechanical injectors, Stanadyne rotary style injection pump. The 7. The extra displacement resulted in a modest bump in horsepower and just over 20 extra lb-ft of torque.

Ina turbocharged version of the engine was released, which pushed torque to nearly lb-ft. Since the 7. The cylinder walls of the 7.

international 1654 specs

The two engines share displacement and dimensional characteristics, but the direct injection Power Stroke is much more than an adaptation of the IDI. Naturally aspirated or turbocharged. Turbocharged version available for and MY trucks only.

Modern electronically controlled diesel engines are relatively easy to modify for significant performance increases. The IDI engines are limited in aftermarket support and there are few options available to improve performance.

To squeeze the most out of a Ford IDI, the following modifications are common:. Turbocharger systems designed for direct injection engines cannot be easily adapted, since the IDI has a high compression ratio and maximum boost needs to reflect the operational characteristics specific to an IDI. When retrofitting an IDI with a turbocharger, there are companies that manufacturer injectors and injection pumps designed to work efficiently with these systems.

Performance injectors and injection pump upgrades are not available for naturally aspirated IDI engines. Airflow needs to be increased for these engines to accept fuel system upgrades without EGT exhaust gas temperature concerns.

When done in moderation, owners will notice a moderate performance increase with minimal reliability concerns. For safety reasons, a pyrometer is recommended when turning up the injection pump. A pyro will also help you find the "sweet spot", where performance is maximized while maintaining reasonable exhaust gas temperatures under load. The purpose of this "soup bowl" as it is commonly referred to is to reduce intake noise.

It can be cut off and removed to marginally increase airflow to the engine, though a noticeable amount of intake noise will be present. The availability of pre-formed kits is limited, but having an exhaust shop fabricate a complete exhaust system with a straight through muffler is a viable option. International 6.

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